May 18, 2007

Amazing Hybrid Sports

8:58 PM by mr. simplicity · 7 comments

This will change how we play look at sports again. Impossible is Nothing.

Acrobat Weight Lifting
Baseball Bat Fencing
Bike Hurdle
BMX Horse Jump
Bull Ride Skiing
Football Soccer Combined
Golf Baseball
Volleyball High Jump
Motorbike Jet Skiing
Motorbike Racing On Ice
Tennis Bull Ride
Tiger Woods Playing Golf On Pool Table
Trap Shooting Motorcross
Unicycle Tennis
Source: Worth1000
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  1. I like the skeet shoot motocross hybrid. Where do I sign up for the skeet shoot part of the competition?

  2. My favorite is the gymnast on the weightlifter.

  3. football and soccer i would love to hit the shit outta some soccer fags

  4. I would love to see some football fatasses run for longer than 10 minutes

  5. don't have to run longer than 10 minutes when you can run fast

  6. the soccer player looks like if he's shrugging off the tackle by the wolverine.

  7. lol ya i like those, but the soccer players would be crying to much if they had to play with football players, i mean they already cry about getting barly bumped i wanna see them get smoked it would make me wanna play


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