June 15, 2007

The amazing penis shaped potato chip

10:17 PM by mr. simplicity · 3 comments

A £23.00 penis shaped potato chip! It a weird auction and some ebayers still bid for it.

The amazing penis shaped potato chip
During a dull lunch time sandwich, the amazing penis crisp was revealed from a normal packet of walkers crisps. (as part of an otherwise normal boots meal deal.)

Heralded as a cure for male potency problems * and possibly a source of immense good fortune* , the amazing penis crisp is the crisp product everyone wants.Probably.

The amazing penis crisp will be carefully boxed in some sort of anti-crisp damage box (having a bit of trouble finding such a thing at the moment) and sent first class post to the lucky lucky winner.

The length of the amazing penis crisp is 3.2 inches and it has a 1 inch girth.
Source: eBay UK
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  1. Hah. The person who willing to fork out that kind of money for this weird auction is really crazy.

  2. "Bet you can't eat just one!"


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