July 25, 2007

Tasty crocodile steak in Singapore. Yummy!

6:37 PM by mr. simplicity · 3 comments

Fancy A Bite Of Crocodile Steak? Now you can in a food stall in Singapore!

Crocodile Steak in Singapore
A Singaporean western food stall named Yishun offers exotic dishes in the form of crocodile steaks and crocodile feet since this April. Crocodile meat is actually very delicious even though it looks frightening. A crocodile steak costs SGD18 (approx. US$12), while a crocodile foot costs SGD35 (approx. US$23). If you are in Singapore and wanna pay a visit the food eatry, don't forget to take the rough skin and nails of the crocodile foot back home as a souvenir after the meal.

Source: Kooky via Random Citations


  1. Your Sick!. How Can You Eat A Crocodile? They Are Wonderful Creatures That Must Be Protected! Not Hunted For Boots, Bags & Belts & Especially Not Food!

    You Make Me Sick !

    Crocs Rule!

  2. What's disgusting is the crocodile farms, you think piggery's are bad? Oh, and food is the most legitimate reason you suggested.

  3. Yishun is a place in Singapore not a shop name...


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