September 23, 2007

Get your sports ticket here!

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Viagogo is a new site that lets people trade tickets for sporting or music events online.

It has been developed as a safer way to buy tickets online. Broken down into sections that include Concerts, Sports and Theatre, it’s easy to find events and see if there are any tickets on offer. Manchester United and Chelsea football clubs have signed up to let registered fans buy and sell sports tickets through the site - something that's not possible on eBay. Not to forget your all time wrestling organisation like World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). And did you know that Viagogo also offers ticket for the current France Rugby World Cup 2007? Bet you didn't know that too.

As for Concert or Theatre, they could enjoy various concert tickets ranging from musical, comedies, opera, Shows and Awards

Anyway, ticket sellers pay 15 per cent commission to Viagogo, while buyers pay 10 per cent. We were disappointed to find many tickets for sale at several times their face value. So while the site works well and makes buying unwanted tickets more reliable, it does nothing to deter those who buy tickets purely to sell them on at a profit.

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