September 1, 2007

Nude mystery blonde's camera found!

5:16 PM by mr. simplicity · 3 comments

That's the reason on why you shouldn't leave your nude photos lying around in your digital camera. Once it's stolen, you see it everywhere on the internet. Now that the digital camera has been found, over 23,000 admirers desperately looking for that mystery blonde woman. They started a facebook group to look for her and her nude photos (NSFW) have been uploaded everywhere in the internet. These guys must be desperately trying to get laid!

Nude mystery blonde's camera found!
The good news for this mystery blonde is that the digital camera she mislaid on holiday has been found.

The bad news is that the revealing pictures of herself stored on its memory card have been posted on the internet.

And since then she has attracted over 23,000 admirers, all professing their desperation to track her down so that she can get back her lost property.

Source: Daily Mail


  1. I posted some thoughts on this yesterday on my blog. I reckon that it could be s social marketing campaign for Contiki or something.

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