Shaun T Max 30 Insanity Workout

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Taking Fitness to a Whole New Level with the New Insanity Max 30 Workout

I know for me a great distraction for the normal routine in life is a great sweat workout! If it is for you then keep reading…

  • The New Insanity Max 30 workout is nothing short of excellence, taking fitness routines to a whole new level introducing some very new techniques and moves which I personally did not see coming. Though this is an upgrade from the Insanity and T25 workouts, it definitely has a lot of rigorousness to offer, which I found the most challenging to keep up with, though I am a pure regular of Shaun Ts workouts. After Insanity being, at its time, one of the most difficult, DVD based cardiovascular workout program, the new insanity max 30 is a thirty minute program using the same stuff that is your own body weight as resistance. The system is almost the same being based on the concept of ‘Max Interval Training’ which I will explain in the next sections. Beginning with the new insanity max 30 program, my sole objective has been to get this done without falling short or giving up, just think about what went wrong in the previous workouts what did not come out right and where you fell short, that should do the trick!

shauntmax30What makes the new workout different and what is it exactly?

  • This is a challenging 60 day workout program designed to push you to your limits, why it is so hard and makes you even more sweaty and insane is because it is all to be done in just thirty minutes and you are done. Beat yourself to your last time, call that your ‘short term objective’, this is precisely how I went about it. With thirty minutes long, you have a non-stop thirty minute routine. The package with the workout is that it brings you more than 150 new moves and techniques and that I feel is the ultimate thrill, trying everything out. Focus on whatever will get you into good shape, starting from the first thirty minutes going up to wherever you can take yourself. Taking yourself through it in different time frames is also a god option, for example, at first 10 minutes, then going up to 15 and then the final milestone of thirty minutes. Another cool feature is that unlike the insanity workout, you will be a modifier at all times.
  • The complete workout is of 30 days running in two phases, and each workout has the arrangement of doing twenty seconds of exercise and then getting ten seconds off, which are basically your tiny sweat breaks. So its not like you do not get any time for recovery at all. Keep in mind that the Friday weekend routine is the most challenging of them all.

What equipment is needed for the New Insanity Max 30 workout?

  • Nothing! I like this the most about these workouts, all you need is your own body weight and nothing else, no worries about having to spend more money or even time for that matter, you just have to take some time out at home rather than traveling to a gym or whatever; so, no machinery, no equipment, just your own focus and determination to gain a fit body.

What should I expect for the new insanity max 30 workout routine?

  • There is an added focus in the New Insanity Max 30 workout on strength moves which will be of a few seconds or doing three cardio moves. The workout will definitely be of higher intensity geared towards an effective burning of fat and calories. After absolutely killing those three moves, you will be getting a short break, so pushing yourself to the MAX is the ultimate idea. Thankfully, you will also be getting all the motivation you need from the DVDs, so its not like you’ll feel alone or in any way demoralized through the workout.
  • What you do is that you start with a warm up and take a quick interval, and catch up then with three exercises thirty seconds each essentially this comes around as three rounds of each exercise for four and a half minutes. You will again get a break of thirty seconds followed by which you will continue repeating this for the five rounds in total. Another exciting surprise especially for those who have graduated the insanity and/or T25 workouts is that Shaun T will be adding a few more features to the workout in the second month striving for better results than already.
    Just challenge yourself and keep the motivation running up high.

So How Much Is It?

  • All the workout is going to cost you is that of the DVD which is going to be a reasonable $119.95 especially considering there is no equipment o gear to be bought from the market . Beachbody also comes out with a set of challenge packs, so with this deal you not only get the workout but also have the opportunity of trying out shakeology.
  • Should I opt for the new insanity max 30 workout if I have already done some of the Shaun T workouts?
    There is no doubt that you should especially if you’re one who is a fast going individual who does not hesitate in trying new stuff. The new workout has a lot of difference to offer, you can also follow the diet plan alongside the workout to assess your own results.

When is the release date?

The new insanity max workout is sure to be released in the United States of America in December 2014, so it is just around the corner for our folks in the USA. A bit of uncertainty still prevails for all those in the United Kingdom and Canada as release dates for you still have not been announced. I guess you can just wait and be patient and be on the lookout for when the new insanity max 30 workout is going to be available for your region.

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